Vetalliance is a whole new veterinary concept with a well-equipped and modern practice.

It is not just for cats and dogs, because we welcome and are fully trained to treat exotic animals as well.

In vetalliance we constantly strive to have the best facilities so that we can provide the service and care we think our patients deserve. Therefore, to be able to help your best friend and make him or her feel confortable with us are our most important priorities. 

Our consultation room

Our modern consultation rooms instil serenity so that your pet feels comfortable with us.

Designed with a lot of care, each one of our consultation rooms has all the tools needed to have the first impression.

Here, our team of experts have in their possession the required equipment and conditions to deliver the best possible service, always in a clean, tidy and professional environment.

Diagnosis imaging

This enables us to provide fast results which helps to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of your best friend.

This way, this equipment gives us the opportunity to delve what is going on under the skin of your beloved friend .

It is vital to find it out and is key to then know what treatment will be the most convenient.

Operating Theatre

All minor and major surgeries are carried out in ultra-hygienic conditions by our skilled team.

We know that just the fact that you will not be able to be present with your pet in the theatre can create a lot of anxiety and is a truly tense moment.

This is why having the most up-to-date equipment and and reliable tools will reduce the time you have to wait to meet your friend and support him or her in his or her recovery.


Our fully equipped and state-of-the-art laboratory enables us to practice different types of screening tests.

Always ready and trying to carry through every single test as fast as we can, we are able do this just because we have the most state-of-the-art technology.

This magnificent equipment, together with our skilled team makes possible as fast diagnosis and a superb choice of the treatment to follow.